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He knew Yuuzuki wished for there to be no violence, but he couldn't help himself; the thought that another man had forced himself onto his beautiful lover sparked a fire hotter than the flames of Hell.

Luka walked into the dining room to see the table decorated with polished plates and silverware. It was almost supper time, which meant his target would be here. As his heavy boot met the cushioned carpet, Asagi opened his mouth as if he were waiting.

"What do you want with me this time?" He turned around with a plate in one hand while polishing it with the other. His hair was swept into a messy ponytail to keeps his bangs from tickling his face as he worked. Luka slanted his eyes.

"Do you need me to even say?" He replied. Asagi sighed.

"Playing dumb would save me the drama of a fight, but I guess the cat's already out of the bag." He placed the plate in front of an empty chair and leaned against the table. "She really is a blabber mouth isn't she?"

"You don't have the right to act as if you know her!" Luka's words slithered over his fangs as he spat them out in the most hateful way possible. "Why do you insist on treating her like she is your plaything?!"

"It's simple and I think you would have learned it by now. She deserves a man as beautiful as she is, don't you agree? How could a duras who betrayed his own family protect the most precious person in the world?"

"Tch!" In a flash, Luka swept over the floor to Asagi and pushed him against the wall. "If you treasure her as much as you claim you would respect her desire to keep your distance from her.

"And you would respect her desire to avoid violence and yet here you are."

"I won't rub it in her face like you do. I can make your death a silent one." As he said those words, he wrapped his hand around Asagi's throat letting his claws scrape against the soft flesh. He heard him gasp for breath, but it only made his anger worse. He was about to squeeze as hard as he could until Asagi's spine popped.

"Luka stop!!" At those words, his hand released Asagi letting him fall to the floor coughing. He slowly turned around to see his lovely Yuuzuki in tears. How many times had he caused her to cry?
King and Queen Ch. 5 Draft
I began typing this out when I realized that Luka is a HARD man to write for!! I then realized that everything I typed was out of chracter for him, so this will be tossed for the finalization of Ch. 5 However it seemed to be written rather well, and I have a thing for writing out anger situations. I really loved the idea Babydoll3 gave me about Luka confronting Asagi, so I went with it! I'll most likely tone it way down for the final chapter, but in the mean time, enjoy my out of character fanfic :) 

This is a continuation of a fanfiction by Darkest-Symphony on Tumblr. Read her part here…

King and Queen Ch. 4

Uraboku and its characters belong to Hotaru Odagiri
Story belongs to Mila137


Lady Rose
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Hey guys, I'm Mila137 and a strange kid. In short I love dark things and consider myself a goth. I have depression, anxiety and PTSD. Here is the story… I have social issues but online I can be very friendly. I love helping people. I am very protective of people and things I love and will get very angry very fast ready to get violent if I need to. I love fantasy mainly dragons and elves. I constantly talk, write and draw my "OCs". Technically they are real people I know they are just in a different world. I am Wiccan and believe in other worlds and reincarnation. My username is the first past life I learned of minus the 137. If you start calling my psychopathic you better shut the fuck up. It's my belief and I have a right to it. Here's a more detailed explanation… My best friends live in another world and I love them to death. I am obsessed with Metroid and Legend of Zelda. I'm also a fangirl of some animes xD . I am also dancer and graduate from my dance school. I am homeschooled and a DA addict so I'm on here a lot. If you wanna know more about me just browse around :)

First off, thanks to all those who :+devwatch: me or :+fav: It means a lot to me. Thank you so effin much :blowkiss: So I :blahblah: a lot. I'm a little ball of hyper-manic-ness :boing: I like to :boogie: no, joke, I get my dancing degree in 1 year! I hate to :brushteeth: I'm also kinda... :censored: yea....sorry..... I LOVE my :coffeecup: :crash: happens a lot. Damned netbook. I'm hazordously :crazy: If you needa :cuddle: I'm your girl! Sorry guys, I'm taken :date: :aww: Half my life I'm :excited: If you think I'm weird and a freak, thank you! And :finger: off. I'm also goth so :fusionrock: :skull: :skullbones: and all that good stuff. I tend to :giggle: and :glomp: when provoked. I :love: to :headbang: I give out :hug: like I'm a whore giving out STDs. Careful, I might :tighthug: I love weapons such as :katana: and I know how to use swords and stuff. Love 'em so effin much! :kitty: has been my obsession ever since I was born and it still is. HELLO KITTY!!!! One of my favorite palces is :library: I'm Wiccan and practice many types of awesome philosophy and magic :meditation: I love kitties and have 4 :meow: I adore :music: and it is my life :stereo: I am a :nerd: and so's my boyfriend. Careful with your food cause I will :ninjaeat: Since I have horrible insomnia and never take my pills I'm always :pills: I am always :plotting: about what I really don't know; it varies. I like to :poke: or if you're up to the challenge a :turbopoke: war. I love to :reading: I am part Irish and am very proud of it :shamrock: I'm also cajun which means I like to :party: I love to :sleep: but at all the wrong times. I can be :typerhappy: sometimes so sorry if I ramble. I'm also an author way more than I am an artist :writersblock:
THAT'S ME!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Current Residence: My own world
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock, Symphonic, Symphonic Rock, Folk/Celtic, and Classical
Favourite style of art: Dark Fantasy Photomanipulation
MP3 player of choice: iPod on iPhone
Favourite cartoon character: Hello Kitty
Personal Quote: "If you are truly chosen as you claim, I will risk everything to deny you!" -Midna LoZ TP


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Journal History

I'm feeling a bit down guys :( You see, there has always been bad blood between my bf and the Colts. Whenever I ask why, his answer is usually that he's jealous that Callic (never the others, only him) is supposedly "perfect" and their lives are well off and I might get stolen by them. Addressing these in order, that bitch is FAR from perfect!! It almost made me laugh!!! xD I will admit their lives are stable now, but it wasn't always so. They still have a tough life. And... how do I get stolen by a man in another world? O_o He keeps saying it's like how I get jealous of other girls around him, but the truth is, it's instinct for me to get jealous. I don't envy their traits. I'd do that with my friends too. 

He's trying to change this he says, but I see no progress. It annoys me how I've had to adapt to so much in his life but I have to cut out a major part of mine. I've been talking to them for 5yr now!!! Almost 6 in spring!!! But I've had to learn about cars, go to races, be dragged into gun stores and learn to tolerate the subject of politics. None of these are interesting to me, but I get used to it because it's something he likes so I should support him through it. I've found little interesting things that we share. I like looking at cars and commenting on how they look, we play a lot of Mario Kart too! :3 I can shoot a gun fairly well as compared to most girly girls. I'm pretty proud of my snipe skills in games~ And I've even found some topics in politics that I can get into. I'm not as passionate as him, but I try it out for him. I even joined his group of friends and I really like them now. 

But what about me? I have to hide my friends that have literally pulled me out of suicidal situations. I have to keep my mouth shut when I'm talking to them. They're my only real friends and I have to stop being with them for him.... Well it isn't really for him, it's to avoid major fights. Seriously, a big fight usually follows the topic 9 times out of 10 -.-" And it's really hard to censor them out. Some of the advice I get is from them so I try to share it with him, but he feels like it perfects them even more. It's just advice! Is my therapist perfect because she can help our issues? I feel like he focuses on their species and assumes they are perfect. He doesn't even know their back story to judge :/ 

I enjoy getting lost in the stories I write about them. The blood lust and perfect romance are all things I adore to live vicariously through. But looking into it makes me realize that I have no one to share them with. Allison is still gone (sent her a little closure letter by the way. I have heard nothing o.o) and she was the person who got me into this so I can't fan over it with her. But such funny things happen and I want to share them. For example, in my theater class there was a question on Greek stuff so I'm like "answer this! D:" but he got it wrong and I'm just so pissed because it made me look like an idiot but he's munching away on Cheetos like "Oh well, music is my thing not theater" ><! 

Sigh, I miss being open about it. You know my bf could benefit from a lot of Callic's teachings. I mean, who better to ask for relationship advice? But nooooooooo it makes him feel lesser :/ I don't quite get that. If he needs computer help he asks a friend. Does he hate that friend because he's smarter on the topic? No. Dustin is awesome to him! 

But... this really hurts to keep inside. He won't allow me to brush it off and say "Oh you don't want to hear about it" He makes me say it, but I know he doesn't care for it so I always keep shut. We've been together for almost 2yr and I've learned about his interests and even gone on trips with his friends.... Why can't he just talk to mine? He'll probably read this and start asking questions, but I know deep inside he's just feeling bad about it. But maybe if he puts aside his prejudice and listens... he might find some interests with them. But... I doubt it will ever happen. 
  • Mood: Hopeless

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